Film & Television (selection)
BEAT Mirko Heuser Marco Kreuzpaintner - Hellinger Doll Filmproduktion/Amazon Studios
DER PASS/PAGAN PEAK Der Chauffeur Cyrill Boss/Philipp Stennert - Wiedemann & Berg Television/SKY
303 SQUADRON Wilhelm von Rüttenberg Denis Delic - Art Fiction/Arsenal Pictures
WÖLFE Barkeeper Maximilian Martin - Vorstadt Nordstadt Film
ALARM FÜR COBRA 11 Mirko Lübnitz Franco Tozza - Action Concept/RTL
RACE/ZEIT FÜR LEGENDEN Reporter Stephen Hopkins - Forecast Pictures/Focus Features
BINNY UND DER GEIST Kaufhausdetektiv Patschke Andy Fetscher - TeamWorx TV & Film/Disney Channel
CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA Journalist Olivier Assayas - CG Cinéma
UBERSTEIN Sergeant John Parker Manuel Vogel - Bunter Hund Productions
LAST CHRISTMAS Herr Döhring Uta Seibicke - Moja Berlin
MIT WENIGER ANS MEER Tom Dominik Calzone - R5 Region Five Media
MATCHDAY Singer Ingo Müller - Family Affair Medienproduktion
DINA FOXX: DEADLY CONTACT Polizist Max Zeitler - UFA Fiction/ZDF
IHR UND EURE WELT Mann Janin Halisch - dffb
BLUBBERELLA Lt. Kaspar Jaeger Uwe Boll - Event Film Distribution/Phase 4 Films
BLOODRAYNE: THE THIRD REICH Lt. Kaspar Jaeger Uwe Boll - Phase 4 Films
STOIC/SIEGBURG Jack Ulrich Uwe Boll - Event Film Distribution
RAMPAGE Cashier Uwe Boll - Event Film Distribution/Boll World Sales
FAR CRY Young Mercenary Uwe Boll - Event Film Distribution/Touchstone Pictures
POSTAL Ass-Kissing Employee Uwe Boll - Boll World Sales
BLOODRAYNE: DELIVERANCE Kentucky Uwe Boll - BR 2 Productions/Cinedigm Entertainment Group
KLATSASSIN The Miner Stan Douglas - Klatsassin Productions
AXEL’S THERAPY Axel Alan Silverman - Swivelchair Pictures
Theatre (selection)
WEST SIDE BERLIN Director & Writer Violence Prevention Network
LADY LAY Herr D/Herr K Directed by: English Theatre Berlin (ETB)
SUMMER AND SMOKE Roger Duremus Directed by: Blake Robinson – English Theatre Berlin (ETB)
DEMOCRACY Helmut Schmidt Directed by: Adam Henderson – United Players/Vancouver Playhouse
BOY’S LIFE Don Directed by: Jim Francis – VFS Showcase
JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK Charles Bentham Directed by: Ron Chartier – VFS Showcase
DIE RÄUBER Franz Moor Directed by: Michael Jussen - INAC
DER GUTE MENSCH VON SEZUAN Wasserverkäufer Directed by: Thomas Wieck - Brecht Factory
DER FAECHER Barone di Cedro Directed by: Andreas Kuehnel – INAC Sommertheater Tour ‘03
ROMEO & JULIA Mercutio Directed by: Matthias Poppe – INAC Sommertheater Tour ‘02
Vancouver Film School Diploma with Honors
INAC Theaterakademie Berlin
Alumni Boot Camp Andrew McIlroy
Scene Study Paula Shaw
Lucid Body Fay Simpson
Hollywood in Rome Paul Haggis

Special Skills

Snow-, Skate- and Wakeboarding, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Foosball, Horseback Riding, Singing, Driver’s License (Standard & Automatic), Motorcycles, Weapons (Firearms, Staff, Knives), Boxing, Yoga

Languages: English (BE & AE, various accents), German, some French